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76) The Ascent to Liberation

Stage 7: The Cage:

At first the individual begins to feel that he is being bound by limitations both external and internal. and begins to experience that though he is living his life, he is actually not free.  His soul seems caged and he sees only two plausible options; either to choose to give up or to choose to find freedom.

The minds that are weak choose the former and such beings are trapped in darkness precisely because they have chosen to. Such beings remain caged until their inner being's consciousness emerges and propels them to choose the latter.

Those who choose the latter refuse to believe that their destinies can be caged or limited and so they begin to find a means of expression and release  from the apparent cage. They eventually find their release and hence ascend to  the next stage- The stage of resistance.

Stage 6: The Resistance:

Even though the being has escaped from the first trap, this second stage is not the real freedom.  The individual now  faces great obstacles that he has to seemingly overcome all by himself. He has to swim against the current alone and familiar faces of the past try to convince him of the pointlessness of his resistance. If he listens to the ghosts of his past, he gets swept away by the currents.

If the individual does not yield to the coercion, he reaches the land safely. He can afford to take a sigh of relief and look towards the horizon but not for long. A new journey awaits him on the land.

Stage 5: The Maze

The land is bustling with activity with a lot of people moving around in a hurry. There is plenty of food and water and all the other material comforts that most people consider vital for life and the road on the land looks straight and simple initially.But as he walks a little further he realizes that he has actually entered a maze. He finds different dead ends but he does not stop. He has to retrace his path over and again. He comes across many fellow travelers who have crossed the river of resistance just like him. But not all of them choose to ascend the mountain as they have built very comfortable homes for themselves and are happy with living inside the maze.  But his heart reminds him that he has not come this far just to settle down and it nudges him to journey onward. His destination is the snow clad mountain at the center of the maize. So he does not turn back and forges his way ahead.

After many attempts he reaches the base of the snowy abode.

Stage 4: The Mountain

He is jubilant now for he really has come closer to his destination. He looks around to share his joy with his fellow beings but finds that he is alone. He heaves a sigh and looks up to the clouds into which the mountain disappears and then smiles.

He resumes his journey. The wind is cold and the food is sparse. But the cold does not bite him and the hunger can not fatigue him as he is energized by the very fact that he is now very close to realizing the inner hunger of his soul. Finally he reaches the top. Like the spring blossom announcing the end of winter, the rays of rising sun bathe his body in gold and he feels one with the great sun atop the snow covered peak.

Stage 3:  The illusion of Pseudo-Gnosis

After bathing in the golden light and experiencing a bliss divine and complete. He looks downwards and he begins to think that he has reached the top of the world. The tip of the peak that no-one has ever scaled before. The world begins to appear small, insignificant and empty. He tries to scream out to the little dots - the people who are living down below -"Listen All of you, You are all trapped in an illusion. The truth is resplendent, beautiful and it can only be found here! How can you all just stay there? Come here, Ascend! Somebody! Anybody?''

All his screams fall on deaf ears for the world below cannot hear him. They are too far away and too busy in their own lives to think or care about what he has achieved.  He experiences disappointment and that disappointment teaches him that there is a higher realization awaiting him.

Stage 2: The Gnosis of Illusion

He withdraws inwards and re-analyzes his path and journey in search for an answer. And it is in the depths of his inner silence that the realization dawns upon him. The physical Sun though present in the sky is also omnipresent across the universe. Light and darkness are but illusions and manifestations of its presence and absence.

He realizes that there is an ethereal sun, a mystic power that powers this sun and that though the light of truth appears veiled, It is omnipresent. This is the truth and logically all else is falsehood.  The creator is the truth and the creation is but an illusion.

With this new found understanding he decides to return and descend the peak and spread this new found knowledge and suddenly a question a haunts him.

If the creator is the truth, what is the point of the illusory creation?

His life, His entire journey- the cage, the river, the mountain, the challenges, the joy, the sorrow- are all these to a part of a pointless illusion?  if not where is the meaning?

He stops and decides that the higher truth is yet to be found out and decides to go deeper within.

Stage 1: The liberation and Realization

In his meditation, slowly his outer and inner mind get silenced and merge. The final chaos disappears and there is a silent and peaceful calm within which echoes the silence of the winds that rage around him.
His very existence as an individual and separate entity has ceased to be and his mind is now illumined and his body has become one with the universe.

All then becomes clear as crystal. The illusion of the creation is also the illusion!

Yes.  There is no cage! There is no resistance, There is no maze! All are but illusions and restrictions created by the mind. The path to the top of the mountain was always straight but his pseudo desires always prevented him from realizing it and caused him to go in loops.

The same truth that can be found on top of the mountain can also be found at its base.  It is everywhere.

From the nucleus of the smallest of atoms to the outer limit of the ever expanding galaxy.  In all the beings. In every life. In every death.

This Truth is in the action of the forces that set the world into motion and  that turn the wheel of karmic action to bring forth the evolution of the creation.

With this realization the soul leaps into the sky and he becomes He!

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