Sunday, 16 August 2015

73) Freedom

By your desires you are bound-
So trapped- how can freedom be found
Making incessant circles you run-
Claiming it to be life's greatest fun?

Millions died to give us this free air
Big bellies hog on food and do not care
Brethren in the neighborhood hungry scream
Illiterate children are taught not to dream

For our families we build golden cages-
This bubble has been growing since ages
The poor have nothing, the rich lust for more

Ignoring the imbalance, we close our door
Though I am silent and I do not shout
I have had enough- I am walking out
In a short life- I'll see what i can do

I want to be free- what about you?
A single life can really do nothing-
But when many join- they can do everything!

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