Sunday, 24 May 2015

72) He

Laughter and sorrow, pain and bliss all stem from Him
All creations and destruction occur as per His holy whim
All the living are but from his own womb born
He is both- night's darkness and the light of the morn

He alone is not bound or caged by nature's ploys
Yet in her courtship countless pleasures he enjoys
And yet detached - for aeons He does not interfere
And to this principle he is ever firm and austere

A throat all cold and blue and a Trident in hand
With the serpent necklace- alone he has to stand
Inconceivable to the mind and unknown to all
He silently bears the grief of all those who fall

He has no father and yet he is your father and also mine
To his children he speaks in the veiled language divine
"Who is He?" if to find Him is your life's sole task-
"Who are you?" this question to yourself you must ask!


  1. Thank you father ..Glory be to the Lord of all living beings