Friday, 19 December 2014

71) Tree of Life

Many long days drenched in the rain I stood-
Turning skywards only I truly understood-
A storm cut loose when my chest I tore
For a great golden burden my heart bore

A gush of light exploded into night's darkness
So that its sunlit warmth all would harness

Th Gate had opened and the golden light had appeared
The mighty walls of stone all just melted and disappeared
Days and seasons passed away like winds of change
I had withdrawn and now nothing seemed so strange

My heartbreaks  I knew were but leaves that had to fall-
Merely vestigial in purpose, responding to Autumn's call
Become I had the link connecting the soil to the sky-
Frail creepers embraced and kissed me to a zenith so high

From my roots i realized my immaculate virgin form
I was the shelter of recourse, I was the terrible storm

Rediscovering my self, Once more I became life's tree
My branches nestled only birds that sought to be free!

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