Wednesday, 12 November 2014

70) Mirror Heart

My mirror heart writhing in melancholy aches
Its glassy surface everyday suffers minor breaks.
As it reflects a discordant world when it sees-
The same pitiful story written across the seven seas. |4|

Machine-men killing each other for pieces of land
And religions forcing people to chop their brother's hand
False teachers in young minds planting seeds of hate
A greedy few controlling the entire world's fate |8|

A web of information connecting a billion minds
And yet everywhere disconnected lives one finds
Greed destroying nature to fulfill wanton desires
And corporate lust only fueling these wicked fires |12|

The destitute and aged in dingy corners lying in the cold
Disillusioned youth seeking pleasure but their prime sold.
The rich with their cakes and yet suffering in prosperity
The poor without crumbs dying in economic disparity. |14|

The same reflections every passing day, month and year
As a mute spectator I watch as more cracks appear.
"Come forth and shatter my heart!" to my Lord-God I pray,
So to the world - His thousand reflections I will proudly display. |18|

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