Tuesday, 11 November 2014

69) The Rise of India: A youth Anthem

From a cursed slumber a Goddess shall soon awake -
When a great burden young shoulders shall take.
Five hundred million hands shall unite again,
To re-construct a Utopia for all to gain!
The golden bird shall once more spread wings and fly;
And new dawn's Orb shall adorn the morning sky.
Only when a latent talent, young blood shall harness
Light shall re-emerge to guide us from abysmal darkness. |8|

Lines of Division and Communalism will be erased
Institutions of hate shall non-violently be razed,
To create a free nation without a border,
To establish and set forth a new world order.
A great World War of Peace shall be fought-
Universal brotherhood and harmony shall be sought.
With the flapping of the wings of the symbol dove
All wars shall end with a singular weapon- Love. |16|

Our fore-fathers and brave hearts laid their lives bare,
Sacrificing everything to entrust an ideal in our care -
A freedom of thought, expression, growth and prosperity.
But today we lie caged again, wallowing in self-pity
What was promised, what did we receive?
Whom did we entrust our legacy, whom did we deceive?
Disrespecting our elders hard earned freedom,
To greedy leaders we surrendered in fiefdom! |24|

How many more nights can we silent sleep?
Our pained mother has already begun to weep!
Rising up from a shambles,shackles we need to break
Summoning a new path for the world's sake.
The skies scream this call from end to end-
To every parent, sister-brother and friend,
A beacon of tomorrow’s victory the seers send,
To awaken any earnest soul who has an ear to lend :- |32|

"Hundreds shall fall down, Thousands will rise again.
I may fail, you may too - But we will not fail!" 

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