Monday, 13 October 2014

67) Shiva Manas Puja (English)

(An english rendition of Adishankaracharya's Shivamanas Puja)

Studded with precious gems, i offer this seat
Divine clothes with the best jewels from all quarters.
Bathing you with the soothing Himalayan waters,
I smear a sandal paste,and the aluring musk scent sweet.
With Jasmine and magnolia floral decorations
With Bilva (Aegle) leaves and incense oblations
And a Butter lamp, O God- O Sea of compassion
Lord of all living beings, hearken my heart's aspiration |1|

In a vessel golden embedded with the gems nine
I offer you clarfied butter and payaasam so fine
For you, to consume five foods i have dressed
And a drink of milk, curd and plantain fruit- best
And flavored with vegetables, water so refreshing
And a piece of camphor too i have set forth burning.
With a betel leaf -my offering is complete in every  aspect
O Lord, This prayer readied within my mind please accept|2|

With the two chamara fans,Under an umbrella's shade
I fan you, Clear mirror like-  my consicence- I ve displayed
The stringed Veena, mrudangam and the kette drums resonate
And the musical sounds of songs and dance in the air vibrate
Before you i perform a full body prostration
And sing the various divine hymns in your adulation
This concert orchestrated with my thoughts in your respect
O Lord, This worship dedicated to you, please  accept. |3|

The Divine mother is  my intellect, and my soul your own
Your attendants are my Praana, and my body your home
I offer as worship every worldly interaction  that i go through
And My sleep is but a awakend state of complete merger with you
Like circamublating barefooted your hills sacred and holy
Through life i wade, singing the hymns in your glory
My every action is performed wholly in your devotion
O Shambho,Every thing is only in your consecration.|4|

The wrong actions I have performed by my feet or my hand
Through sight or hearring or the sins performed by mind
Those that were both knowingly or unknowingly done
Cleanse me of all the faults and grant me pardon
Glory to ye, O Sea of Compassion - O lord of Gods,
                                             the MahaDeva Shambho |5|

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