Friday, 10 October 2014

66) The RajaHans

( The story of a Rajhans- the King Swan realzing his destiny in the Himalaya)

All my life I swam along with the geese
In my little pond without poise or peace
Cast out and rejected by all -young and old
"You are not one of us"- so i was told

My brothers and sisters frolicked and played
Exculded forever- A simple company i craved
I asked Why? -But an answer I could not find
I was just so different in both body and mind

We began migrating as the seasons began to change
In my flock, Even my flight seemed all so strange
In the clouds, I told them of the mountains i dreamed
"Your Life is a farce"- in union they screamed

In the most painful words, even my elders talked
My everything they only  ridiculed and mocked
To hide my tears,I flew a little ahead but lost my way -
Oh! none bothered even to search for me-that dark day!

Night had befallen and my way I could not see
Hungry and lost, i sought refuge of a mighty tree
All  night, I tried in vain to quietly sleep
My family left me, many long hours i did weep

Parched and pained i searched for the nearest pond
I reached a lake where many pink lotuses spawned
It's waters glistend golden in dawn's morning light
While greedily gulping the waters i saw the heavenly sight

The Sun had risen from behind the white mountain peaks-
Just like the dream i had been seeing in the past weeks
And there were some beautiful birds- all so pristine and white
Awed I was by thier divinity- so warm and bright.

Very quickly and yet gracefully all began to alight
One being came close to me and said in a whisper:
"It is getting late now.We need to go brother."
Hand in Hand with that being i too took flight

By an ecstacy of realization I had been overcome
"I am the RajaHans and the Manasarovar -my home"

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