Thursday, 2 October 2014

63) Hymn to Durga

(An adaptation of the original Hymn to Durgra by Sri Aurobindo, my beloved lord.)

O mother Durga-the golden lion you ride
From your plenty vault - limitless strength you provide
Thou art the beloved of Shiva, from whom we have taken birth
We the young hearts of India invoke ye-to emancipate our worth
Come forth, let your power descend on this temple land
Grace us  O Mother, with the touch of thy golden hand. |1|

O Mother Durga! since many aeons ago
Assuming human form, life after life we come and go
Thy bidding we dedicatedly perform and roam
And return to the blissful abode- our sacred home
In this birth too, we uphold the promise that we made
So Mother, Descend on earth- come to our aid. |2|

O Mother Durga, riding on thy vehicle-trident in hand
Thy body beautiful, clad in impregnable armour you stand.
O Mother, harbinger of victory- India yearns for thee
Thy resplendent form, we legitamately seek to see
With folded hands we plead for the descent of the divine
Come forth and reside in India -a home considered thine |3|

O Mother Durga! You empower love and knowledge
With your force most fierce and terrible
Your from most gracefully divine and beautiful
In the battles of life and for the Battle for India
We are your warriors deployed for the war
The might of titans Bestow upon our hearts and minds
And to our intelligence,soul- Godly knowledge and character |4|

O Mother Durga! the noblest race of mankind
India-besieged and engulfed in darkness we find
To scatter darkness, You rise from the horizon of the east
Dawn is but the glow of thy irridiscent feet
Spread thy light mother, Destroy the darkness. |5|

O Mother Durga! We are but children of yours
Make us fit to reach the ideal by your powers
Banish our faults, our selfishness and our fears
A great work through us awaits to be done
O Mother a mighty victory is to be won |6|

O Mother Durga! Thou art the raging Kali
Robed with naught but a garland of human heads
With the sword in hand, you slay the demons- Asuras
Pititlesssly Slay the demons within us, O Goddess
Let none survive, Obliterate them all,
Mother cleanse us so we may be pure-
Come Mother,herarken our call to Reside |7|

O Mother Durga! Selfishness and lowness blares
In India - fearfullness in every eyes' glares.
Make us puissant and also strenghten our efforts
Mother, Banish our small and little desires
Make us overcome lehtargy and our fears. |8|

O Mother Durga! Spread in all directions Yoga
Thy children we are, bring forth in us a rennaisance
Of the forgotten knowledge of our ancient past
Bestow upon us and the world - the grit of character
The aegis of devotion and faith, and the weapons-
Chastity,austerity and the Knowledge of truth
Mother, Show up on earth for us to find-
Destroy all ills for the sake of mankind. |9|

O Mother Durga! Slay and annihilate
The demons within and the hurdles without
May the supreme race of India-
Heroes of the love of unity, and masters
Of the written words and arts
Of sciences of material nature and spirit
With it's fertile lands and towering peaks
With gleaming rivers meandering past
Mother, come to us and Manifest for India to rise|10|

O Mother Durga!Enter our bodies
Let thy energy be the blood flowing within
Make us thy weapons for dispelling ignorance
- The all slaying sabre and lamp of truth's light
Listen to this cry of your chidlren young
Become our master and command-
Wield us to fulfill this era's demand
To rid darknes of it's every shade.
Mother we humbly summon ye to Manifest|11|

O Mother Durga! make us thy awakend spirit
So we may never cast thy force away-
Bound to ye by the devotion of love
Take our mind, life and body
Mother come, manifest and claim us |12|

O Mother Durga! Shower of the Heroes Way
We shall never cast thy force away
With our lives as offerings to thy golden feet
Our bodies powered by thy energy and love
Hearken This prayer and with thy divinity manifest
Thy greatness to thy land -India, please bequest. |13|

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