Thursday, 25 September 2014

62) Shiva-Shakti

To stir Shiva out of his unfathomable trance-
Shakti, began to perform her cellestial dance
A warm wind began to pick up pace and blow
Encircling the seated lord, her energy began to flow

The Glaciers then began to wither and melt
And the Ganges emerged from the Himalayan belt
On the world's roof grew a mighty storm so warm
The golden tornado that stored the prana of every life form

But The lords meditation was perfectly unperturbed
Even by the world's greatest force-He would not be disturbed
Now Shakti desperately began to cascade balsts of light
The spritzes gave birth to life on the grounds of blight

In nature-animals and plants blossomed and flowered
By Shakti's grace life on earth was thus nurtured.
And yet Shiva's mystic trance - she could not break-
As a last Resort - she kneeled down for the lord to awake

In response to her prayers Shiva arose and emerged

"You and I are one-
Dual and singular both at once
Incomplete I am without you
And It is I who am expressed through you"

Thus he spoke before into light Shiva and Shakti merged.

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