Friday, 19 September 2014

61) Mrityunjaya - Victory over Death

One day my mortal body shall cease to be
Death though shalt not cast it's shadow on me-
For only my physical shall perish in the pyre-
But my spirit's aspirations shall only rise higher                         |4|

For my soul seeks not an escape from it's earthly stay -
Rejecting nirvana, It has chosen the arduous way
Shunning it's desire for moksha- the liberation
Out of the blue, has come this singular revelation                     |8|

The greatest journey is in this material destination-
Here alone shalt mankind reach a united salvation
The Future's irradience today, I can not Foresee
But with the powers vested within, I do solemnly decree          |12|

"A hundered times more I shall be born again-
In every birth, i shall joyfully embrace the pain
Till from the cages of  matter the spirt shall find release
Until Shesha's burden, the Jeevanmukta's shall ease                  |14|

Endless cylces of birth i shall take for this destiny to fufill
For this is the Divine's imperishable and immortal will        |16|

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