Sunday, 20 July 2014

59) The Puppet II

At the outset, the puppet had fervently bargained
A fee from his God whom he always entertained
That the promise to his heart be fulfilled and kept
Within this comfort's bubble he had peacefully slept

But this contract is now void and torn-
Along with the inner promises he had sworn
With the fall of the king and his castle in the air
Childish fantasies break, disappear and tear

The same heart that taught the puppet to sing
Shall no more dominate and remain king
With this, the heart-mind clash finally ends
Accepting defeat the heart quietly bends

The puppet shall not see see illogical dreams
And be not disturbed by emotions' turbulent streams
Within the mind's chambers hell build a barricade wall
No more shall his heart make him trip and fall

The string peircing the heart was the strongest to break
Letting the mind go was easy, but the heart most painful to forsake
But this king revelation I shall hold till my grave
"I am my master and I am my slave!"

An unexplored world's doors have opened now -
To reveal unknown secrets, I have to discover how!
The surrender is complete of the heart and the mind
Nothing is mine except the sunlit path I have to trace and find. 

'Nothing is mine except the sunlit path I have to trace and find. "

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